within.website Go packages

This vanity domain houses a lot of Xe Iaso's custom Go packages. Here is a list of all of the packages currently tracked:


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A Derpibooru/Furbooru API client in Go. This is used to monitor Derpibooru/Furbooru for images by artists I care about and archive them.

go get within.website/derpigo


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A command router for Go programs that implements every command in Lua. This was an experiment for making extensible command-line applications with Lua for extending them.

go get within.website/eclier


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A CSS preprocessor for Go. This is a legacy Go package that I am bringing forward to modern Go standards.

go get within.website/gcss


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A Gopher (RFC 1436) client/server stack for Go applications. This allows users to write custom Gopher clients and servers.

go get within.website/gopher


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The natural log function for Go: an easy package for structured logging. This is the logging stack that I use for most of my personal projects.

go get within.website/ln


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Various experimental things. /x/ is my monorepo of side projects, hobby programming, and other explorations of how programming in Go can be.

go get within.website/x